eValueSelling Fundamentals | English

eValueSelling Fundamentals® English

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The eValueSelling Fundamentals eLearning course is a 2-hour self-paced sales training course that teaches the ValueSelling Framework® fundamentals: learn the processes, tools, and vocabulary in preparation for the ValueSelling Fundamentals workshop.

Who Should Attend:

  • Sales Representatives
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Operations Management
  • Marketing Management

This online sales training course develops the new sales representative's awareness and skills in the ValueSelling Framework® process. The course also delivers detailed reports to management on your sales force's course scores and performance.

Topics Covered:

The course is divided into four phases:


  • O-P-C Questioning Process
  • Power: Finding and Gaining Access to Key Decisionmakers


  • The Differentiated VisionMatch™
  • Uncovering Business and Personal Value
  • The Qualified Prospect Formula®


  • The ValuePrompter®
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Anxiety Questions


  • The Mutual Plan Letter
  • The Reverse Timeline